9 Reasons to Go Solar

Thinking about going solar but you’re just not sure yet? Here are just a few reasons to switch to clean, renewable energy!

1. Benefits the Environment

Although saving money by eliminating your electricity bill is nice, going solar is more than that. Going solar can reduce your carbon footprint majorly – instead of pulling from the grid and purchasing carbon-emitting electricity, you can pull directly from your solar panels and produce clean, renewable energy.

Think of it like this, for every one residential solar system, we’re eliminating 3-4 tons of carbon emissions, that’s nearly 100 trees being planted a year!

When you go solar, you’re making a leap in the right direction by battling climate change and building a more sustainable future.

2. Financial Savings

Going solar can decrease or even eliminate your electricity bills. By going solar you’ll be able to generate your own power for free for the entirety of your system’s lifespan.

Even on cloudy days your solar panels can absorb energy from both direct and indirect sunlight.

Solar panels can set the price you pay for electricity lower than what you would be paying if you were getting all of your energy from the grid, roughly 8 cents per kWh, the average being 16.6 cents per kWh.

3. Energy Independence

When going solar you become less dependent on the grid. By being less dependent on the grid, the chance of losing power and the risk of an increased utility bill will decrease. When you have solar, you can produce your own electricity and have more control of your consumption and cost.

4. Government Incentives

Ohio residents going solar can receive tax credits on their solar PV systems. Some incentives available in Ohio for 2024 are the Federal Solar Tax Credit & $0 down financing options.

5. Increased Property Value

On average, homes with solar panels sell for 4.1% more than homes without solar. The value the solar panels add to the home gives real estate agents and sellers the opportunity to bump the price up for a home. The buyers benefit from the energy-efficient home, and the sellers can profit from this increased value.

6. Job Creation

The solar industry provides multiple jobs in manufacturing, installation, maintenance, sales, and research and development, making it a major source of employment. With each Solar project, individuals find meaningful work that pushes for a cleaner, more sustainable future.

7. Global Impact

On a larger scale, transitioning to solar energy can yield significant global advantages, such as reducing greenhouse gas emissions, minimizing the impact of climate change, and encouraging international collaboration on clean energy solutions.

8. Education

Solar can create an opportunity for education and awareness within communities. Places like schools, universities, and community centers can use solar energy as a teaching point on renewable energy, environmental responsibility, and sustainable living.

9. Resilience during outages

Solar can be a reliable source for electricity during grid outages, making sure that your essential appliances and devices remain up and running even when the grid fails – when adding a battery to your system your home can conserve your electricity supply at night or even during extended outages.


Investing in solar is a commitment to a brighter and more sustainable future. If you’re considering a solar panel installation in Ohio – reach out! We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your ideas, goals and space for your solar energy project.



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