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Exploring Solar Installation for Your Home in southeastern ohio?

Kokosing Solar has been headquartered in Southeast Ohio (Athens, Ohio) for the past 20 +. Many of our core team members who work on our solar projects from proposals, design, engineering to installation live and work in southeast Ohio communities. Learn more about why homeowners in Ohio are choosing Kokosing Solar as their top solar installation company.

Where We Work

Kokosing Solar works across Ohio- extending well beyond southeastern Ohio. Here are just a few examples of neighborhoods where we have installed solar in Southeast Ohio: 

Southeast Ohio Solar Case Study
“We are interested in being good stewards of our environment. Clean energy is very important, and we are always exploring new technology and looking for efficient business solutions in all areas.”

Some Tips for Going Solar in Southeast Ohio

Grid-tied solar systems do not require batteries. We guide people towards Solar Energy Storage when it aligns with their goals for a backup power solutionLearn more about solar energy storage here.

Yes! Just like a car loan, if you choose a $0 down loan, your monthly payments will be higher than if you put some money down upfront. All of our clients are different, and some are ready to pay for their solar upfront and some choose to finance all or part of the system. 

Kokosing Solar can’t take you off the grid, but we can get you very close. When you go solar, you choose the amount of electricity you’ll offset with solar. We also have battery storage that works in power outages and prepares you for increased electric charges for power during certain times of the day. Today at Kokosing Solar, we do our best work installing grid-interactive solar systems. If a grid-interactive system isn’t what you’re looking for – let us know. We may be able to point you in the right direction. 

Kokosing Solar is headquartered in southeast Ohio, born and raised in Athens.  

While we have offices throughout the state, we remain headquartered in Athens and are proud to continue to provide jobs in the region.  

Solar for Your Business

Are you looking for solar for your business or organization in Southeast Ohio?

Available incentives for rural businesses, agriculture producers and certain census tracts make Southeast Ohio a great place to go solar, with incentives covering 80%+ of project costs.

Contact us to start the conversation and find out firsthand why thousands of organizations across Ohio are switching to solar.

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