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Isn’t It Time To Explore Residential Solar Energy?

Get independent, clean energy for your home—for life. The experts at Kokosing Solar (formerly Third Sun Solar) work closely with you to determine your needs, your budget, and the perfect solar panels for you. Sound good?

Get Power For Life

Stop paying out-of-control, unpredictable electricity rates. Solar panels provide homeowners with freedom from utility rate hikes in Ohio. With solar, the fuel is free, so you can lock in your power costs and control your future.

Going Solar for Your Home
Has Never Been Easier
Solar energy has become a viable energy solution for homeowners nationwide, and making the switch has never been easier than it is today. Our no-pressure consultative approach will walk you through the process answering all your questions along the way and providing a customized solar system based on your specific goals, home, and energy usage.

3 Easy Steps to Start Saving

Free consultation

Shoot us a message, and the Kokosing Solar Team will assess your home, then start designing and optimizing your solar solution, providing estimates on future savings and financial payback.


Sit back, relax, and our trusted crew of experienced solar technicians and licensed electricians will get to work. Don’t worry about paperwork and permitting—we’ve got that covered, too.

Lights, Panels, Action!

After inspections are complete and your local utility makes its final connections, it’s time to flip the switch ‘on’ to solar and start saving!

We’ve Helped Countless
Families Make the Switch

Some Answers to your Questions

Great question! Most likely, yes. If you pay an electric bill, there’s likely a solar solution out there for you. Get in touch with us today, and we’ll reach out to you to find out how you can save with solar.

  • Which clean energy technologies will best meet your energy goals 
  • What size solar array will fit on your available space and expected output for that system 
  • Ways to finance solar and other improvements – such as our zero money down loan or upfront purchase option 
  • How solar will improve the value of your home 

People are often surprised to learn that in Ohio the economics of solar energy outperform traditional financial investment products. Solar energy systems can have high up-front costs, but once installed, the fuel (the sun) is free forever. Due to the thirty-year system life and very low maintenance costs, once the system is purchased, the cost of energy is fixed at a known quantity. This compares with conventional electric energy costs, which have been rising at around 3% per year. We expect this number to rise even faster in the future. 


Unlike traditional financial investments, a solar investment has many different returns: for instance, a solar system will increase the value of your home. An environmental return on your investment is also included as you reducing greenhouse emissions and your carbon footprint every year.

Solar energy is an exciting, rapidly expanding industry. If you look around, you will find many new entrants jumping aboard “the next big thing”. We are not one of them. Kokosing Solar has many years behind us and a bright future ahead; we will be your trusted, long-term partner. Our goal is to create an allegiance that will generate referrals and expansion projects long after many of the newcomers have dropped out. We will get you started with solar, accelerate its financial benefits, and position you for a bright, economical energy future. 

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heroes discount

At Kokosing Solar, we recognize the contributions heroes make to their communities every day. We provide a  $750 discount  on solar energy systems to active and retired military, first responders, healthcare workers & teachers. 
It’s our way of saying Thank You.

Your Guide To Going Solar

The goal of this guide is to help answer some questions you may have as you begin your solar journey. Help us achieve our shared mission to put people to work building the clean energy future. 

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