EV Charging​

Drive on Sunshine

Whether you need an Electric Vehicle Charging Station for your home or business, Kokosing Solar (formerly Third Sun Solar) has got you covered. More and more, consumers are looking to decrease their carbon footprint and save big on gas—which means there’s more demand than ever for electric vehicles and EV charging stations.

How Do I Drive an EV with Solar Power?

If you want to drive an electric vehicle, you’re going to need an electric vehicle charging point at home. And to power an Electric Vehicle with solar power you’ll need 2 components: a solar system and an EV charger. Kokosing Solar can install both for you.

Do I Need An EV Charging Station

For Your Home
You’ve invested in reducing your carbon footprint by purchasing an electric vehicle! Or you’re planning ahead for your next green purchase. At Kokosing Solar, our team can install an EV Charging Station at your home when you go solar so you can “fuel” up quickly and conveniently.
For Your Business
More and more, businesses are investing in EV charging stations. Not only are they attractive to customers with EVs, they’re a huge perk for potential employees and can help your reach corporate sustainability goals.

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