Exploring Solar Energy in Cleveland?

We are committed to helping Cleveland, Ohio find a Solar Installation Company they can trust. Our team of solar experts in the Northeast Ohio region is available to answer your questions about residential and commercial scale solar installation projects. With over 20 years of industry experience and knowledge, Kokosing Solar is proud to have team members living and working in northeast Ohio.

Solar Installation Company in Cleveland Ohio Solar Case Study
Jaber Wahel began considering solar in Cleveland, Ohio, in 2012. 2 years later, in 2014, he had Third Sun Solar install a 20-panel array on a flat, south-facing roof of his house. His motivation for going solar? It was primarily environmental, but the investment also needed to make economic sense.

Some Tips for Going Solar in Cleveland Ohio

Don’t be fooled by overcast skies, solar works just as well in Cleveland as it does in Germany, which is leading the world in installed capacity solar production.

While a solid covering of snow does halt solar production, the good news is that annual production loss from the snow is very small.

Losing a day of production in January is a fraction of a day in JulyOur Northeast Ohio Solar Consultant lives and works in your area. They are experts in designing solar systems with the Cleveland Ohio winters in mind. They’ll take winter’s shorter days, past weather data, and the orientation of sunlight all into account when estimating the output of your system. 

If you want to drive an electric vehicle, you’re going to need an electric vehicle charging point at home.

And to power an Electric Vehicle with solar power you’ll need 2 components: a solar system and an EV charger.

At Third Sun Solar, our team can install an EV Charging Station at your home when you go solar so you can “fuel” up quickly and conveniently.

There are many advantages to installing a grid-connected solar energy system. But, having full power to your home or business during a blackout is not one of them. You will need to take special steps for solar to work for you in a blackout.

Battery backup will power your home or business during a blackout. 




Yes- in a great way!

In addition to the many benefits of solar power for homes, increased property value can be found among them.

The home you’re in now might not be the home that you live in for the next 25 or more years. You may wonder: what happens if I move? Should you still consider solar if you aren’t sure you’ll be in your home forever?

Yes! Solar panels are attractive to potential buyers, meaning they can increase your home’s value. 

Solar for Your Business or Organization

Are you looking for solar for your business or organization in Cleveland? What could extra energy savings mean for your business? Contact us to start the conversation and find out firsthand why thousands of organizations across Ohio are switching to solar.

Where We Work in Cleveland

We work all across Ohio, extending well beyond Cleveland too. Here are just a handful of neighborhoods where we have installed solar in Cleveland: 

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