A Simple Thank You

Recently, we held a couple Open House events at our offices. We met with past customers and prospective customers, and stood back while our customers talked about their experience in going solar. We displayed some hardware, answered some questions, ate some snacks — then very much enjoyed getting this note a few days later:

Dear Third Sun:

Thank you for inviting us to your open house. Your invitation was especially generous because we were not your customers.

We enjoy meeting other homeowners and sharing experiences.

We’ve a net-zero, all-electric home with geothermal, passive solar, super insulation, and a 9 KW solar panel system. With a little effort, we could produce more electricity than we use. But we don’t want to lose our net meter.

Our president, Geoff, responded this way:

We are very glad you could come, almost as glad as we are that you went solar and built an exemplary home! While we would like to be the people that install systems for area families (because our jobs depend on it), our most important goal is that people learn about their options and make the move to solar (because our planet depends on it).

We know for certain that nothing is as inspiring and reassuring for someone considering solar than to chat with someone that has already made the switch.

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