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Solar Panel Installation on the Rise in Ohio

Updated: Monday, October 7 2013, 07:52 PM EDT — ABC6 solar story

COLUMBUS (Andrew Michael) — Solar panel installations are on the rise in Ohio. The state is ranked eleventh in the nation in installations and leading the boom are baby boomers who now see solar investment possibilities. Marlin Languis lives in northwest Columbus and had his solar unit installed in June. He said he’s wanted to make the jump to solar for five years, and decided to now because the price is right and technology has improved drastically. Improvement to batteries in the panels allows excess electric to flows back out to the power grid. [Ed. Note: solar panels do not have batteries, but battery backup can be added during or after installation. Net metering rules allow solar panels to be linked to the grid and to push excess power onto the grid for others to share–earning the solar owner credit on his or her electric bill.]

Organizations like Green Energy Ohio help homeowners understand all the incentives and the rules with renewable energy. Officials say it takes about 10 years to make a return on investment after switching to solar energy.

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