Doctor Sudhir Sehgal, DDS Expands Use of Solar Panels to Three Central Ohio Locations

Athens, Ohio—A top-rated dentist in the Columbus area has taken a leadership position in clean energy by installing Solar PV Systems on all three of his dental practices. In the face of Ohio Utilities increasing energy prices on January 1st of this year, Dr. Sehgal says, “Why not? Installing solar panels is good for the environment and with these electric rate hikes, it’s also a very wise investment for my business.”

Dr. Sudhir Sehgal was one of the first medical practitioners in central Ohio to install clean solar energy on his office rooftop on East Dublin Granville Road in 2010. The solar array produces about 30,000 kilowatt hours annually, which offsets nearly 70% of his total electric bill.

Dr. Sehgal’s main impetus for adding solar panels was a desire to make a positive step toward U.S. energy independence. “I kept reading and hearing about the need for our country to find alternative energy sources,” he said. In considering the financial pros and cons of this move, Dr. Sehgal reported, “My decision was based more on doing what I thought was the right thing. Fortunately, in the long run, it was economical and therefore it was a good business decision as well. I have a passion for thinking and acting outside of the box and pursuing solar energy seemed to fit that bill.”

Once Dr. Sehgal had his first solar system in place, and saw the positive results, he took the next step—adding solar energy to his other two branch offices in 2011. “Having installed solar at my Columbus location, it simply made sense to repeat these projects at my Hilliard and Reynoldsburg offices.” And, as a result, these decisions have placed Dr. Sehgal in a favorable position for the 2012 spike in electric rates.

Due to environmental protections, many of Ohio’s coal fired plants are coming off-line in the coming years. This could result in higher electric bills and instability in our transmission grid. And, since January 1st, we’re already seeing the result in rate increases. By generating more of our own electricity as Dr. Sehgal has done, we can power our homes and businesses while also reducing the strain on the electric grid. This, in turn, will stabilize our electricity costs and reduce pollution. With most of Ohio’s utility power generated by coal-burning power plants, it stands to reason that growing our base of distributed solar energy production will, in time, lessen the amount of energy required from burning fossil fuels.

When asked if other companies should pursue Solar Energy, Dr. Sehgal’s quick response was, “I absolutely believe that other businesses should pursue solar.” These types of projects will diversify our energy portfolio, create a cleaner environment and contribute to a stronger local economy. Commenting on his experience in working with Third Sun Solar for three projects to date, Dr. Sehgal said, “I have had an excellent experience and have recommended them to a number of friends, patients, and other people who have expressed interest in these projects.”

In conclusion, Dr. Sehgal’s position remains, “Why not!”

About Dr. Sudhir Sehgal

Dr. Sudhir Sehgal DDS is a highly-rated practitioner of general dentistry in Columbus, Ohio. Central Ohio Dental Associates, created by Dr. Sehgal, serves patients through three Columbus-area locations: at 2374 East Dublin Granville Rd, Columbus; 4511 Cemetery Rd. in Hilliard; and 1709 Brice Rd. in Reynoldsburg. They can be reached at 614-899-0309.

About Third Sun Solar

Based in Athens, Ohio, Third Sun Solar is a fast-growing design/build solar firm serving Ohio and the surrounding states. An Inc. 5000 company in 2009, 2010 and 2011, Third Sun Solar is at the forefront of the emerging clean energy industry—a growing resource for 21st-century Ohio jobs. For more than a decade, the company has custom designed and installed over 300 solar energy systems for its commercial, institutional, government, and residential customers across the Midwest. Third Sun Solar employs a team of NABCEP-certified solar energy system installers along with design engineers, financial analysts, grant specialists, and support staff, all focused on making it easier for customers to go solar. The company combines financial and management experience, multiple installation crews, a network of professional services partners, and advanced internal systems to deliver a smooth transition to solar energy at any scale.


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