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At this point in time, solar is booming like we haven’t seen in our past twenty+ years in business. We’re happy to see solar spreading like wild, as prices have come down, solar financing has become available and homeowners across Ohio are increasingly seeing the environmental and financial benefits of making the switch to solar.

Taking The Long View

As various unknown solar contractors continue to enter Ohio, we increasingly get calls from homeowners who need their systems serviced by installers who no longer exist. We hear about faulty products installed by non-licensed electricians, voiding product warranties. We also hear stories about solar systems that have been improperly installed and never worked, all while the homeowner is stuck paying their electricity bill and their solar loan payment. You’ll see these stories, too, as you read some of the one-star reviews left by disgruntled customers of these various solar installers. And you’ll begin to see that choosing a solar installer you can trust will be the most important decision you make when you go solar.

For over twenty years we’ve been dedicated to serving our customers through white glove customer service, installing beautiful systems, and selecting only the highest quality solar products available.

An overwhelming number of solar brands and models fill the market today. Each claim to be “the best.” Beyond basic differences in power output and aesthetics, brands can vary greatly in quality and durability.

Top solar installers think about the future when they select the equipment they install. They have specialists who study solar panel specifications, researching and testing to find the best in each price category. As importantly, they research each manufacturer’s financial strength and “bankability.” Top installers build their reputation by using the highest quality equipment available.

With 25-year solar panel and inverter warranties, it is vital to source products from companies that will be around for the long haul.

Great solar installers can explain why they chose the products they offer you, and they offer enduring workmanship warranties.

AMICUS Solar Cooperative

There’s a lot to sort through when you’re looking for a quality solar installer. Know that you’re in good hands with Kokosing Solar, a third-party-certified, mission-driven company with some of the longest experience in the solar industry in Ohio.  

Amicus Solar is a member-owned purchasing cooperative of 80 high-quality, independent, values-driven solar energy companies. 

Issues We've Seen Over The Years...

Solar Installer Checklist

Keep all of these points in mind as you pick your trusted solar installation partner.

Hint: stick to Google Reviews and away from third-party solar referral sites that give biased information

Kokosing's Culture of Safety

Safety First is the foundation of Kokosing’s Core Values and is the unmistakable commitment that is required by each team member to do what it takes to complete their work injury and incident-free. Our commitment to Safety First goes beyond compliance to bring focus to the importance of having a Zero At-Risk Behaviors mindset; the belief that all injuries and incidents are preventable with intentional thought and action. We believe that working injury and incident-free starts with having the Knowledge, Skill, and Ability to do so. This is why we have an unwavering commitment to Learning, Development, and Leadership that sets our Safety & Health training apart on every level. 

Don't Forget

A quality solar installation should always enhance the integrity and beauty of your home.

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