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Exploring Solar Power for Your Home in Cincinnati or Dayton?

Southwest Ohio is home to many solar installation companies doing great work. From Cincinnati's LEED Certification program for new homes to the important sustainability work carried out by Green Umbrella, we are proud to see the region leading the way. Kokosing Solar is a Duke Energy Trade Ally partner and has worked with multiple Southwest Ohio utilities for the past 20 years. Learn more about why homeowners in Ohio are choosing Kokosing Solar as their top solar installation company.

Where We Work

Kokosing Solar works across Ohio- extending well beyond Cincinnati and Dayton. Here are just a few examples of neighborhoods where we have installed solar in Southwest Ohio: 

Cincinnati Ohio Solar Case Study
“Simply the day I turned my solar switch on, I turned my power bills off. My bills are zero. And typically, there is a small credit at the end of each month.”

Some Tips for Going Solar in Cincinnati and Dayton Ohio

Kokosing Solar offers $0 down Smart Solar Financing streamlined through our free consultation process.  

There are additional financing options in Cincinnati and Dayton, including: 

  • The Clean Energy Credit Union 
  • ECO Link program 
  • Personal bank loans  

Solar systems are investments. Unlike many of the purchases we make, there is a return on the investment you make when purchasing solar panels.    

Think of it this way: right now, you’re renting the electricity you use every month. You pay a monthly bill to your electric supplier. And, that is how it will be… forever.  

Solar energy systems give homeowners another option for how they purchase electricity. Owning a solar system is like owning your power. The money you spend each month pays for the system that is generating the energy for your home. You will eventually break even on that purchase. And, from that moment forward the solar energy system you own will generate clean, free and abundant solar energy for your home.   

 Your “solar payback period” is the time it takes to make back your initial investment in solar.   

Do the math: 

  1. Add up the cost of your solar system and subtract your incentives to give you a true cost. 
  2. Add up your avoided electricity costs for 1 year. 
  3. Divide the true cost by the avoided electricity costs. This will give you a ballpark idea of the number of years it will take for you to achieve payback. 

However, this number does not consider annual energy rate escalation, fixed rates on your utility bill, and other charges. So, it is essential to take this equation with a grain of salt.    

Kokosing Solar’s free solar evaluation process always comes with an analysis of the payback period on your solar investment.   

The City of Cincinnati offers a property tax abatement for buildings that achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification through the US Green Building Council. 

Because of the tax incentives, many new homes in Cincinnati are LEED Certified, and builders are familiar with building for LEED and the certification process. 

Adding a solar array to your building can be an easy and sure-fire way to receive credits towards your home’s LEED certification.  


Solar & Storage Open House on July 21st at 1 PM. We will highlight the installed equipment, which includes roof-mounted solar panels and Tesla Powerwall. Cincinnati and Dayton area Solar Consultant John Miller will be on-site to explain how solar energy and battery storage can help insulate you from rising energy costs and make you a powerful part of the clean energy future. We will highlight the roof-mounted array and Tesla Powerwall. We'll explain system capabilities, costs, site considerations, and more. Meet Kokosing Solar, talk with the system owner, and get your solar + energy storage questions answered.

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