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At Third Sun Solar, we have a customer-centered approach and treat each client and project as an opportunity to deliver an individualized solution.

Heart-shaped sunspot—Photo by Dan Hershman
We have a “listen first” philosophy, seeking to understand and clarify each client’s desired outcomes at the beginning of any project. We inform decision makers of their realistic options and the implications of their decisions, and make recommendations based on the client’s goals and our experience and knowledge.

Our goal is to build a mutually beneficial and long term relationship with our clients and project partners. Our repeat business and strong referral network are testimony that honest and conservative assumptions are more important than “overly enthusiastic” estimates, claims and assurances. We would rather under-promise and over-deliver, and to do so, we rely on our experience base of historic project data and actual costs to inform both our energy performance projections and our cost and timeline proposals.

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