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We have FAQs here, but the Qs we’d really like to A are yours. Read these questions and jot down your answers. Those answers will help us help you decide whether solar makes sense for you. Call us when you have all the answers, and we’ll deliver a quick review of your solar potential, the costs, and the returns you can expect on that investment in your home. Or, fill out our on-line form here.

Your street address: (So we can look you up on Google Earth)
City, State, Zip:

Which best represents the orientation of your house?

  • North/South
  • East/West
  • Northeast/Southwest
  • Southeast/Northwest
  • None of these

Which best represents your roof?

  • Flat roof
  • 15° pitch
  • 30° pitch
  • Complex roof (facing many directions)
  • None of these

Which best represents the shading on your roof from trees or other structures?

  • No Shade
  • Partial Shading
  • Full Shading

Find a recent utility bill. If you have it scanned as a PDF, that’s great. You can email it to us at [email protected].
Or, you can fax it to us at 740-249-4596.

About how much you pay per month for electricity, on average?

  • Under $100
  • $100-150
  • $150-200
  • $200-300
  • Over $300

How much of your electric bill would you like to eliminate?

  • Reduce 100% of my electric bill
  • Reduce my electric bill by 50%
  • Reduce my electric bill by 25%

I would like to have uninterrupted power during grid blackouts





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