Green Power from Utility or Solar Installation?

Should I buy Green Power from my utility or look into rooftop solar?

Purchasing green power from your utility company is a good option for individuals looking for ways to power their lives with renewable energy.
If you’re considering purchasing a green power plan – you may be looking into the pros and cons of a solar installation, too.
People often start looking into rooftop solar solutions for two reasons: environmental & cost-savings.
While purchasing green power from your energy supplier can help you meet one of those goals… it can’t help you with both.
Keep reading to understand the benefits of both options. If your goals include cost reduction over time, we’ll spell out why rooftop solar is a better fit for you.

What is a Green Power plan?

Often electric utilities will offer you the option to pay for a green power plan. Through this plan, you’ll buy electricity from renewable energy sources. These sources include wind power, solar power, hydropower, or some combination of all.
The cost of this plan comes at a premium. But, it ensures that your electric supply comes from renewable energy sources.


Cost savings is the biggest difference between green power and rooftop solar. 
Purchasing a green energy plan from your electricity supplier does get you clean power. But doesn’t protect you from cost inflation over time.
With a green power plan, like all other ratepayers, you’ll continue to see the cost of your electricity bill escalate. And, over time, you won’t gain any ownership over your power.
One of solar’s most significant benefits is protection from that inflation. 
You pay a flat rate and “own” your power with solar. After a period of time, the solar system will have paid for itself (think: avoided electricity costs). You own the power plant making energy for your home from that moment forward.
You produce electricity through solar that you own rather than “renting” and paying a supplier for it month after month.

When Green Power is the right choice

Green power purchasing is an ideal option if your site isn’t suitable for solar. What types of homes aren’t a good fit for a solar array?
Maybe you rent your home. Perhaps your home is in the woods surrounded by big shading trees. Even if you don’t live in the woods, you may have big trees that surround your home and shade your roof and no available yard space for a ground-mounted solar system. Or, your roof has lots of dormers and little unobstructed roof space.
These are all reasons why solar might not be the best fit for you right now. And, if you’re still interested in reducing your carbon footprint… purchasing a green power plan is a great fit!

Green Power plans plus rooftop solar 

Some of our solar customers buy green power through their utility. For them, buying a green power plan ensures that when the solar system isn’t generating enough electricity to meet all their energy needs, they can still power their homes with clean energy. It’s a win-win.
Overall, green power plans are an excellent way for anyone to get involved in the clean energy movement.
And, if cost savings is on your goal list, start looking into solar! Fill out the form below for a free consultation and price quote for a solar energy system.

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