Home Solar Energy Production Guarantee

So, what is a home solar energy production guarantee?

When you purchase a solar system, you will have many questions: how can I be sure that this technology will perform the way I was told it would?

Building trust with your installer, reading reviews, checking references are all wonderful places to start.

But, for added peace of mind and security, a built-in Energy Production Guarantee does not hurt!

Third Sun Solar offers Omnidian Energy Production Guarantee

When you invest in a solar system, you are investing in a long term solution. You count on your solar system to produce a certain amount of electricity each month, offsetting the electricity you take from the grid and lowering your electricity bills.

One way we make clients more comfortable making this investment is by offering an energy production guarantee.

This cashback energy production guarantee is provided through Omnidian. Read on to understand the benefits of a home solar energy production guarantee as well as the additional benefits you will receive through the program.

How does it work?

When you sign up for a solar evaluation at your home, your installer makes predictions about the amount of energy your solar system will make each year. They will use local weather data, the pitch of your roof, the footprint of where the solar system will go, and the panels you choose, among a few other factors.

All of these calculations go into a prediction that Third Sun backs up with an energy production guarantee.

In the chance that our predictions are off, and your solar system produces 95% or less energy annually than we told you it would: you are reimbursed in cash for the difference.

Be aware when comparing solar installers: not all companies guarantee that the solar system will produce as much power as they say it will.

The energy production guarantee comes with professional around-the-clock monitoring.

With this service, you’re notified of solar system underperformance, often before you notice.

If there is a maintenance issue, the Omnidian team will notify you, and our service team will come out to resolve the issue.

What’s the difference between the energy production guarantee and the Third Sun Solar workmanship warranty?

To give our clients the confidence to take control of their energy future by going solar, we offer a 20-year workmanship warranty, which we back up with our 20 years in business.

The workmanship warranty works alongside the energy production guarantee. It guarantees our workmanship for 20 years. If any problems with your system are determined to result from faulty workmanship, any parts or labor costs are covered by the 20-year workmanship warranty.

And, the energy production guarantee + monitoring will let us know if any issues need addressing.

If there are, it is in our best interest to fix them ASAP.

Why do I need a production guarantee if my panels have a Manufacturer Warranty?

The first thing to consider is that a Solar Panel Manufacturer warranty covers the part itself – not the labor to de and re-install the panel. The energy production guarantee covers that gap.

Second, the manufacturer warranty guarantees that a panel will produce a certain amount of power on its own. The manufacturer warranty doesn’t warranty things like weather variations that could decrease solar system performance. Again, the energy production guarantee covers that gap.

Program Highlights – Omnidian Energy Production Guarantee

  • 95% Energy Guarantee
  • 100% Covered Maintenance (including wiring and inverters)
  • 100% Peace of Mind
  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring
  • Proactive Service Dispatch
  • Live Support and Diagnostics
  • The plan is pre-paid for five years with new solar systems

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