Introducing Enphase Battery Storage

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Enphase Storage: Your Energy. Your Choice.

Introducing Enphase Storage: an all-in-one AC-coupled advanced battery energy storage system that allows you to easily store the energy generated by your solar installation. Enphase Storage technology teams up with advanced home monitoring and control software to ensure that your home enjoys continuous power, even when the grid is down.

Modular Solar Energy Storage

  • Start simple with partial home backup – backup just the essentials, like lights, internet and a refrigerator in partial backup configuration
  • Grow over time, add power incrementally – easily add Encharge 3 or 10 storage or more solar to handle additional loads
  • Or just go big with complete home backup – backup an entire home by installing multiple Encharge 10 storage systems

One App, All in the Power of Your Hand

  • Generate – you’ll have full visibility over the energy production and health of your solar PV system, as well as status of your battery
  • Store – energy consumption monitoring will help you maximize your time off grid during utility outages
  • Control – You can easily change modes to priority backup power or maximize energy savings

The Enlighten mobile app also comes with a special Storm Guard™ feature that monitors weather conditions in your area. If a storm or major disaster is on the horizon, Storm Guard will automatically put your Enphase Storage in Full Backup Mode to prepare you for weather-related outages. All the above comes with real-time reporting and home energy monitoring so that you can closely track your solar installation’s performance – no matter where you are.

All from a single Manufacturer

With Enpahse storage, all components are made by a single manufacturer and are designed to work perfectly together. This improves system reliability and resilience.

Enphase Storage solves the most common problem with solar – generating power even with the grid is disconnected or there is a power outage – by weaving redundancies, backups, and monitoring into a single unified ecosystem.

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