Leadership Transition Announcements

If we’ve learned anything over the years — it’s to embrace change.

Change is inevitable.

As springtime sets in, we’re reminded how much change we see every year. Trees start to bud, bulbs that have been sleeping under the surface come to flower, gardeners start planting in their gardens.

In the solar installation world, springtime means more calls from homeowners who see the long daylight hours and are reminded of their solar energy ambitions.

This Spring Third Sun Solar is experiencing not just the normal changes that the season brings, but some new ones too!

This month longtime CEO and co-founder Michelle Greenfield is transitioning out of her position as CEO and moving to her new role as part time operator and co-owner.

We’ve always been inspired by Michelle for being a change-maker.

In addition to co-owning and managing Third Sun Solar for over 20 years, Michelle served on the board of Green Energy Ohio for 11 years and was the president for 2 of those. She helped organize and is a current Board Member of the Clean Energy Credit Union, which has quickly grown to be a $20 million credit union with over 3000 members across the country. She initiated and executed the certification process for Third Sun Solar to become the 3rd Certified BCorporation (BCorp) in Ohio in 2012. As you can imagine, the list goes on…

And for other folks at the company – we’re proud to see them continue their growth path into new roles.

Company Founder and Co-owner Geoff Greenfield has always been known internally as our Chief Visionary Officer. We are excited to see his visionary spirit guide the company in his new title of CEO.

We’re ALSO pleased to announce that our Controller and General Manager Roberta Washburn now moves into the position of Chief Operating Officer. As COO, she will help guide the company alongside Geoff.

“The solar energy industry is heating up,” Roberta says, “Between infrastructure change, job growth, and shifting economies, there is a lot of work to be done. As the industry continues to rise, so will Third Sun Solar. Expect to see more of us in more places around the region soon.”

Congratulations to Michelle on her new chapter, and to our new Executive Leadership Team.

We know that there is BIG growth and change on the horizon. And Third Sun Solar is ready.

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