New Name: Kokosing Solar

Third Sun Kokosing Solar Adopts New Name: Kokosing Solar

Kokosing Solar’s New Name, Logo, and Brand Reflect Solar Industry Growth


In April 2022, Kokosing Industrial, Inc. purchased the assets of solar installer Third Sun Solar. During the past year, the company operated as “Third Sun Kokosing Solar”; moving forward, the company will do business under the brand name “Kokosing Solar”.

Kokosing Solar’s Director of Solar Operations Brady Phillips noted that as the Solar and Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) industry is poised for tremendous growth in the coming decade, and the company’s scope will grow to include utility-scale in addition to the residential and commercial/industrial projects historically built by the company. “The brand transition aligns us clearly with the larger Kokosing group of companies, whose reputation for self-performing quality projects is well established across the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic,” Phillips said. “Kokosing Solar is an extension of the Kokosing Industrial business and will provide renewable energy projects with the same commitment to safety, quality, and customer focus that is a staple of Kokosing’s other work.”

“Our new name and logo reflect the great work our team has achieved over the past year as we have integrated our historic solar expertise with the proven processes and resources of the Kokosing family of companies,” said Geoff Greenfield, co-founder of Third Sun Solar. “As we focus on our updated mission to “Put People to Work to Build the Clean Energy Future,” it only makes sense to lead with the strong, well-known brand “Kokosing”.

Kokosing President and co-CEO Brett Burgett said that entering this growing sector is an exciting new chapter for his family’s 72-year-old construction company: “Kokosing has a long history of diversification, and after watching solar move from the early adopters to the mainstream, we have added it to the services our company offers. We have a proven track record of building conventional energy generation projects, and building clean energy projects is a natural progression for us.”

Kokosing Solar specializes in the following:

  • Evaluation of siting and suitability of solar and BESS opportunities
  • Cost and energy modeling, economic analysis
  • Project development and finance
  • NABCEP-accredited engineering and design services
  • Equipment selection and procurement, access to the pooled purchasing power of the AMICUS Solar Cooperative
  • Project management, comprehensive regulatory compliance and industry leading safety programs
  • Self-performing installation work with highly trained and skilled workforce
  • Comprehensive Service, Operations & Maintenance offerings, membership in the AMICUS O+M Cooperative


Headquartered in Westerville, Ohio, Kokosing is one of the largest family-owned construction companies in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. Kokosing’s primary business lines include solar, industrial manufacturing, transportation, pipelines, water/wastewater, and marine work. Additionally, Kokosing owns construction material supply companies. Known for unwavering integrity and exceptional safety and quality, Kokosing’s companies provide extensive resources for its customers.


Our team has been designing, building, and financing solar energy projects since 2000. Over the past two decades, we have worked with hundreds of clients to achieve their economic and sustainability goals. Kokosing Solar is a self-performing EPC that offers our customers the accessibility and competitiveness of a local firm with the stability, reputation, and resources of one of the largest construction companies in the eastern US.

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