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One of the reasons that people prefer Smart Solar Financing over leasing is that it is simply a better deal. With a lease, several companies AND their investors all need to earn a profit. When YOU own the system, there is only ONE investor – you.

With owning a solar array, all of the financial return goes to YOU, so that even if a solar project in OH doesn’t have enough of a return to please the tax equity investors, venture capitalists, and others that seek to make money through solar leases, it DOES make financial sense when YOU are the investor and you are dealing with a known, reputable institution. We make that happen.

We now offer a Smart Solar Financing option that gives our customers the best options:

  • low (or no) money down
  • easy terms with a good, stable financial institution that specializes in renewable energy financing for homeowners
  • PLUS you own the system and get to reap those financial benefits over time

With solar energy systems having a productive 30+ year life cycle, a purchase decision can pay you and your children the dividends, rather than letting someone else make that money off your rooftop. And with Smart Solar Financing, we make it easy for you to own and profit from your own roof or ground.

Mainstream, reliable solar financing for homeowners: make sense to you? It does to us. Because one of our core company values is, “We’re in this for the long haul.” We want our customers to be happy and profitable – for decades! Because if you are, we will be too.

(For more on this subject, check out this page.)

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