Solar Energy Improves Operations at Ohio Pools Spas



The upgrade to the northeast Ohio business will deliver long-term cost savings and reduce the carbon footprint at two facility locations.    


A new solar panel installation at two Ohio Pools & Spas facilities will improve operations by saving the facility money and showcasing their sustainability initiatives to customers across the state. Kokosing Solar, a leading provider of solar panel installation services in Ohio, is proud to announce its recent partnership with Ohio Pools & Spas, a premier equipment supplier of pool and spa supplies in northeast Ohio. The solar panel installation at Ohio Pools & Spas will allow the business to significantly reduce its carbon emissions while generating long-term financial benefits associated with decreased energy costs.   


David Zelasko, the Commercial Solar Consultant who worked with Ohio Pools & Spas on the project said, “ Kokosing Solar is proud to support local businesses, like Ohio Pools & Spas. Our mission is to help businesses save money, be more efficient and meet their sustainability goals, and the Ohio Pools & Spas locations were a great fit.”   


On an annual basis, the solar systems will produce 138,487 kWh of energy, meaning the solar energy produced will offset the total energy use by over 50% at each building. Ohio Pools & Spas were able to take advantage of federal tax incentives for solar installation, which covered almost 50% of total project costs. Over the 30-year lifetime of the system, the project is estimated to save over $290,000 for the business.  


 “Wellness is at the core of the products and service our business offers and why we do what we do.” Said Amanda  Annis, President of Ohio Pools & Spas. “The wellness of our customers, our employees, our communities is our top priority. We’re very grateful for Kokosing and to be able to invest in more sustainable and independent energy production to contribute to the wellness of our business and community.” 



Ohio Pools & Spas is one of many Ohio businesses promoting the benefits of sustainable energy solutions. With this successful installation, Kokosing Solar looks forward to collaborating with more organizations in the state to help them achieve their sustainability goals. 


About Kokosing Solar

Kokosing Solar has been designing, building, and financing clean energy solutions for residential & commercial clients across the Midwest since 2000. We bring more than 22 years of solar installation experience as Ohio’s longest-standing full-service solar installer. In 2022 we became Kokosing Solar and are strengthened by the 72 years of experience of Kokosing, Inc., one of the largest family-owned construction companies in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. We serve residential and commercial clients in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, and beyond. We are a fully insured and licensed Electrical Contractor committed to delivering safe high performance systems with top notch customer service. 


About Ohio Pools & Spas  

Feels like yesterday, when in 1957 we began our business as primarily an in-ground pool company in a converted one-car garage in Canton. We now serve all North East Ohio from our retail showrooms in North Canton and Mayfield Heights. As a family-owned and operated business, Amanda and her team take pride in the exclusivities of our swim spa, spa, sauna, pool equipment, pool chemicals, and accessories for all of the above. In addition, and just as important, is the exemplary customer service our staff provide as a benefit of being a small business with strong family values. This combination allows us to reach the end goal of enhancing the lives of our customers and employees along with our communities in North East Ohio. 

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