Solar for Doctors

Rooftop solar
Rooftop array on a dental practice

In the changing landscape of medical practice and insurance, there are some common issues facing many doctors and practice managers.

  • Patient churn/lack of loyalty
  • Need for new patients
  • Need to increase patient referrals
  • Need for more self-pay, affluent, well-insured patients

Along with these issues come related challenges:

  • Managing operating costs amid a changing landscape
  • Retaining good staff
  • Easing administrative burdens
  • Desire for autonomy—independence—and value growth

Solar energy for medical practices offers positive effects for all of these issues. Solar offers documented payback in its ability to help businesses of all kinds to:

  • Manage for energy efficiency and sustainability
  • Gain positive press & community goodwill
  • Enhance public image & reputation
  • Recruit top talent & retain best employees
  • Sustain high staff morale
  • Enter new markets & attract new clientele
  • Increase property’s value

If you are a medical practitioner—a member of the caring profession—does an investment in solar make sense for you? As you look after your patients’ best interests, solar can help protect the environment we all share while communicating that your practice uses the latest technology and offers top-quality care.

  • Sharpen your appeal and earn more loyalty with educated healthcare consumers.
  • Earn more referrals among green-leaning consumers (LOHAS*) who see solar as a sign of technological advancement, caring, competence, and intelligence.

*Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability—a fast-growing consumer market segment

Here are the bottom-line benefits of going solar:

  • Solar can pencil out to a 2-year pay-back and double-digit IRR. Not many investments can make that claim these days.
  • Solar can make operating costs more predictable and lower over time, and protect you from energy rate inflation.
  • Solar is a strategic way to manage costs and build the long-term value of your practice.
  • Solar increases the value of your clinical property.

See what these New Jersey doctors have to say about going solar.

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