Solar for my Farm

We have found farmers to be long-term thinkers and planners (moreso than many other kinds of business people) so, in general, people in agriculture are more attuned to the long-term financial benefits of solar. With lots of barn roof space and open ground space, many farmers have a very good solar potential. We have built many successful agricultural solar systems, at a cost that beats our competitors. Increasingly, the most successful farmers and agricultural thought leaders are going solar!

What solar power can do for your farm:

  • Insulate your operation against rising energy costs
  • Work side by side with utility power to lower and stabilize energy costs
  • Pay for itself and then some (20+ years of free electricity)
  • Generate profits from your home, barn, and outbuilding rooftops
  • Increase the value of your farm property
  • Turn this year’s farm revenue into a long-term asset with strong tax benefits
  • Gain energy independence with power that pays you…

What can we do to help you capture these benefits?

  • We’ll help you determine whether solar can lower your long-term energy costs.
  • If so, we’ll design/install the best clean solar energy system for your operation.

What about the costs of solar for my farm?

Here is a “base case” example of current solar costs. This is only an example. Every system we build is customized to the site and energy needs of each customer, so here is one example you can use to get a general sense of solar costs and payback.

  • 20.16 kilowatt solar electric system on a barn roof, total installed cost, with 250-foot trenching:
  • $57,750—after tax credit $40,425—with accelerated depreciation $23,244
    • Add 20kW generator backup $9,000
    • Add 820kWh battery backup $15,600
    • for 30 years of secure power & protection against rising energy rates!
  • Annual utility savings $2,600—30 year lifetime utility savings $129,000
  • Lifetime operations & maintenance cost $15,400
  • Lifetime cost of fuel $0—it comes up every morning!

A 20.16kW solar electric system produces about 23,600 kWh of clean electricity in the first year year. Because it is grid-connected, solar does not change the way you use electricity—you can power everything you do now:

  • Milking pumps
  • Grain dryers
  • Grinders
  • Barn fans
  • Barn lighting

Anything you now run on grid power runs exactly the same on solar power. The only difference is—you’ll see long-term savings in your electricity costs!

With over 400 successful installations and many repeat customers, we are licensed, insured, and bonded—with designers and installers who are NABCEP-certified to the highest standard in our industry. So call us today at 877-OWN-SOLAR (877-696-7652) extension 59.


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