Solar on Your Roof: Critter Guards!

Neighborhood animals are especially prone to nesting underneath roof-mounted solar panels. Why? Because rooftop solar systems provide protection from the sun, security from predators and a good space to create a nest for many of these animals. If you aren’t proactive, animals can quickly become a problem for your solar array.

What kind of damage can critters do?

Well, a lot. Birds and squirrels are the most common culprits of damage on rooftop solar arrays. Squirrels nest under panels, chew through wires and sometimes burrow through your roof. Birds leave behind scat and nets, which build up lots of debris. This damage and build up can lead to power loss and maintenance costs for your roof and solar array.

A Solution to the Problem

Your Solar Consultant will recommend Critter guards for your home solar array. You could have critter guard screens installed at the time of your solar instillation, or at a later time. It will be most cost effective to install critter guards at the time of your solar instillation.

Third Sun Solar doesn’t recommend installing critter guards by yourself. We wouldn’t want you to get hurt, or to accidentally cause your solar system to malfunction by pulling a wire.

Third Sun Solar recommends that you ask your Solar Consultant to include critter guards when you make your solar purchase. This relatively low-cost addition can help prevent big maintenance problems and damage to your panels or roof in the long run. Ask you Solar Consultant for specific pricing.


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