Solar Power in the Time of COVID-19

At Third Sun Solar, our mission is to Accelerate the Shift to Clean Energy. We accelerate towards a clean energy future at a faster rate each year. However, we know that making this shift won’t happen overnight and we’re committed to seeing our mission through to the end. We’re all facing a lot of uncertainty these days, but we know that that seeing a clean energy future is still our driving mission and we won’t rest until we’ve seen big change!

What has the COVID-19 pandemic taught us so far & how does it apply to solar power?


How are we creating a sustainable business that can weather the hardship that a pandemic might cause? As a Benefit Corporation, sustainability is at the root of our business. BCorps are accelerating a global culture shift to redefine success in business and build a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

One way we do this is by creating sustainable and self-sufficient homes and businesses. We harness the environmental and economic benefit of the solar movement to help build the market for renewable energy.

In the time of COVID-19, we’ve all learned that supporting our local economies in times of crisis is what will sustain us. Supporting the local restaurants that employ our neighbors. Supporting local farmers who will be there to provide food to nourish us. Supporting a local energy supply comes next.

Sustainable economies are fueled by an energy supply that comes from close to home, energy supplies that are renewable in nature. Today’s solar technology paired with simple lifestyle changes will help maximize a community’s resilience all while protecting the natural world that we all depend on to survive. That is sustainability.


Think about it: renewable energy is reliable, it’s stable and it has sound economic advantage. Are there any other appliances in your home that have a return on the investment you make when you buy them? With solar, energy is supplied for a flat rate for the decades that the solar panels are producing. It’s well documented that the case for renewables is as strong now as it’s ever been. The thing about your solar system is that it’s not influenced by outside forces – the economy, pandemics. The sun comes up every day and provides you with power, saving you money. It’s that simple. Solar is a safe investment.

Despite relatively low electric rates, the solar industry has been thriving in the US for many years. Why? Electric rates creep upwards and ratepayers can see the expense of grid modernization coming. Our customers have decided to trade their dependence on outdated and non-renewable energy sources for clean energy generated in their neighborhoods and consumed right where it’s made.

The Need for Community

It’s more important now than ever to reach out and connect with community. We’ve seen brilliance in the ways individuals are creating community and connecting with one another despite social distancing protocol. From the countless educational resources released to assist in homeschooling to live yoga classes hosted on Zoom, we’re in awe of how the world continues to connect.

In our mission to accelerate the shift to clean energy, we won’t stop educating those interested in learning more.

In order to connect with you at this time, we’ve put together a series of live webinars for you to learn something new and for you to engage with us. Check out a full list of upcoming webinars here to register or learn more on our Facebook Events page.

The Need for a Clean Energy Future Remains

From titles like “Sorry, Climate Change hasn’t Gone Away Just Because of COVID-19” in Forbes to “The Coronavirus is a Preview of Our Climate-Change Future” in New York Magazine – we know that COVID-19 has something to teach us about climate change.

Despite global economic slowdowns, we all know that the climate crisis still exists. So too does the need for a clean energy future. Since the stay at home measures and other slowdowns of economic activity have happened in some of the world’s largest economies such as China and the United states, there has been an observed decrease in pollutants such as nitrogen dioxide, a gas emitted by motor vehicles, power plants, and industrial facilities.

As we’re reminded to slow down, we’re also reminded to take time to think about what didn’t serve us in the past and move into the future with a new vision: we hope that the need for clean energy surfaces as a priority in the weeks and months to come.

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