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Tricks for Choosing a
Trusted Solar Partner

Thursday, June 8, 1-2 pm, Tricks for Choosing a Trusted Solar Partner

We’re happy to see solar increasing in popularity in the Midwest. However, as various solar companies continue to enter our region, we’ve watched unsustainable business practices hurt homeowners in our communities.

In this webinar, we’ll share with you some of the lessons we’ve learned from the rapid rise of solar in Ohio and some tips for choosing a trusted, quality solar partner.

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Solar Consultant John Miller started in the solar industry in 2021 and has many happy customers in his portfolio. He specializes in the Southwest Ohio region, which saw energy rate increases in 2022, similar to what is expected for the rest of Ohio this year.

Long Term Maintenance of a
Solar Energy System

Thursday, June 15, 1-2pm, Long Term Maintenance of a Solar Energy System

While a solar system is very low maintenance with no moving parts, issues may occasionally arise. In this case, a dedicated solar service technician will need to service your system. While the equipment warranties are long – often 25+ years – knowing that your solar installer will be around to support you should any equipment warranty or other issues arise is vital.

In this proactive webinar we are addressing all aspects of solar system service and maintenance, so you have a well-functioning system for the next 25+ years! And if you don’t have solar yet, this webinar will give you an idea of questions to ask your installer as you choose one.

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Roberta Washburn has served in various roles in the solar industry, from Controller to Chief Operating Officer to Service Director and now Solar Operations Manager with Kokosing. She brings broad experience and a deep understanding of long-term thinking when it comes to solar service and maintenance.

Overview of
Solar Energy Storage

Thursday, July 13, 1 to 2, Overview of Solar Energy Storage

Solar power allows you to generate your own energy, which means you won’t be buying power from the utility. You might assume this means going off-the-grid, but this usually isn’t the case.
Get answers to these questions:

-> What are the different types of gird-interactive solar systems?

-> Is an off the grid system or a grid tied system better for my needs?

-> What is “net-metering”?

-> What are the different types of solar batteries?

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Join 15-year solar industry veteran and Residential Solar Coordinator with Kokosing, Jamey Jones in this engaging webinar!

Turning Your Roof into
a Profit Center
(Commercial focus)

Thursday, July 27, 1-2, Turning Your Roof into a Profit Center

In this webinar, 20-year industry veteran and Director of Solar Strategy with Kokosing, Geoff Greenfield provides an overview of today's solar technology and considerations for commercial applications. The presentation will address the typical concerns of those exploring solar including:

Project economics + incentives overview

The solar resource in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic

Technology (including storage)

Performance and durability

Penetrations, roof warranties and potential maintenance

Question and answer period

Presented By:

Geoff has been designing and installing renewable energy systems since 1997 and co-founded Third Sun Solar (now part of Kokosing) in 2000. He is a recognized industry leader within Ohio’s Solar Energy sector, as well as nationally. He is a past board chair of the Amicus Solar Cooperative, a member-owned procurement network of regional market-leading solar installation companies across North America. In 2003 Geoff became a NABCEP Certified PV Installation Professional, and has served on the NABCEP board since 2012 - currently as Vice Chair.

Residential Solar Systems 101

Wednesday, August 10, 1 to 2, Residential Solar Systems 101

In this webinar, we will cover the most common solar myths, common questions we get, and will take questions from our audience! Have a solar question? Come ask the expert!

Topics will include:
Solar financing and economics

Solar technology overview

Ideal site conditions for solar

New rules and regulations (HOA bills, Tax Incentives)

And more!

Presented By:

Solar Consultant, Drew Bialko lives and works in Johnstown Ohio (central Ohio), which is poised for growth (and more solar!) in the coming decade.

7 Things to Know About
Installing Solar in Ohio

Thursday August 24, 1-2, 7 Things to Know About Installing Solar in Ohio

The market is bustling, and we’re so glad to see clean energy becoming commonplace in Ohio.

Each state has different rules, regulations, incentives, and markets for solar energy. So, if you’re considering solar and doing research online: make sure what you’re reading is Ohio-specific.

If you’re starting your research and wondering what you need to know when considering solar in Ohio, we’ll cover the essentials in this webinar. Plus, there will be plenty of time for audience questions for our solar expert!

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Join Solar Consultant, Hot Sauce Entrepreneur, and local food enthusiast George (otherwise known as Cowboy George) for this webinar!

Driving on Sunshine:
EVs and Solar Energy

Thursday, September 7, 1-2, Driving on Sunshine: EVs and Solar Energy

Electric Cars and Solar Energy are the perfect pair. They’re both forward thinking technologies, and they’re sparking a revolution among those dedicated to self-reliance and building a better energy future.

We don’t need to tell you about EVs – we know you’ve considered purchasing an electric vehicle (if you don’t have one already). What many don’t yet understand is how the “solar payback” changes when the solar is powering not just your home but also your vehicle. When you move to invest in an electric vehicle... will you fuel it with sunshine?

Presented By:

Join 20-year industry veteran, solar homeowner, and electric vehicle driver Geoff Greenfield for an explanation and case study on the economics of solar and electric vehicles. Geoff is on his third EV and will share data from his own experience as he unpacks this game-changing combination of clean technologies.

Why Solar?

Stop paying out-of-control, unpredictable electricity rates. Solar panels provide homeowners with freedom from utility rate hikes in Ohio. With solar, the fuel is free, so you can lock in your power costs and control your future.

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