Third Sun Founders Endorse Biden/Harris

At Third Sun Solar we believe that clean energy transcends the boundaries of political parties and belief systems. A wide collection of people love the idea of producing their own power for many different reasons. Our customers reflect that – we install solar for a wide variety of clients a wide variety of reasons. We serve tree huggers, technophiles, and fiscal conservatives. We install solar for folks that are against monopoly utilities, as well as utility executives that see carbon as an existential crisis. Cost reduction, resiliency, stewardship, marketing advantages… solar has a long and diverse a list of benefits and a variety of advocates.
Over the past 20 years, Third Sun Solar has been inclusive in our promotion of solar. As the political landscape evolves, we are pleased that more and more Democratic and Republican policy leaders agree on the opportunities and benefits of clean energy. We believe that although solar is “green” it is not exclusively a “red” or a “blue” issue. It is important to make sure that the power of the clean energy transition is recognized and enjoyed by citizens from all parts of society and all political persuasions. Our employees and industry partners reflect this diversity as well, and we honor our country’s tradition of tolerance, mutual respect and individual political decision making.
In our efforts to be inclusive, we have typically kept our personal politics as owners separate from our business messaging. While our intent is to maintain solar’s broad appeal to customers, employees and citizens of all stripes, it is clear to us that in the Presidential race in 2020 there is one candidate who is clearly a proponent of a future of clean energy and the other is holding on to the polluting energy sources of the past.
In the 2020 presidential election, Michelle and Geoff Greenfield, the founders and owners of Third Sun Solar are actively campaigning for and endorsing The Biden-Harris ticket.

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