Third Sun Kokosing Solar Donates Solar Panels to Learning Community

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LOCATION: Solid Ground School, Millfield, Ohio

CONTACT: Geoff Greenfield, Director of Solar Strategy, [email protected], 740.707.4720


The solar array installation at the progressive learning community in southeastern Ohio will reduce the facility’s carbon footprint, minimize facility expenses and expand educational opportunities.

LOCATION – A new solar panel installation at the Solid Ground School will help the non-profit save money, reduce its carbon footprint, and serve more students across the southeastern Ohio region.

Third Sun Kokosing Solar (TSKS) donated the solar panels. The rest of the installation was made possible through the fundraising efforts of Solid Ground School leadership.

“Solid Ground Farm is dedicated to growing a sustainable future and to providing the best example we can for the many children that visit the school and camp. We are excited to work with TSKS to become local energy producers and to show youth that the sun not only grows gardens and powers ecosystems but also, thanks to human ingenuity, can generate the electricity that we use every day,” says Weston Lombard, Nature and Entrepreneurship Teacher.

The addition of the 28 rooftop solar panels will allow the school to reduce its contribution to greenhouse gas and carbon emissions over time while also saving money it would have otherwise spent on energy costs for essential initiatives. The 8.4 kW solar array is expected to offset the facility’s annual energy costs by 98 percent and offset a yearly equivalent of 120 metric tons of CO2. Over the lifetime of the solar array, TSKS estimates the non-profit will save over $40,000 in avoided electricity expenses.

“Solid Ground School is a fantastic example of how a school can help students and the community appreciate and connect with this amazing planet,” says Geoff Greenfield, Director of Solar Strategy for Third Sun Kokosing Solar. “We are more than pleased that these solar modules will become part of the program and hope that the children and families that learn how it works will take those lessons out into the world to accelerate the shift to clean energy.”

About Third Sun Kokosing Solar

Third Sun Kokosing Solar has been designing, building, and financing clean energy solutions for commercial clients across the Midwest since 2000. We bring more than 22 years of solar installation experience as Ohio’s longest-standing full-service solar installer. In 2022 we became Third Sun Kokosing Solar and are strengthened by the 71 years of experience of Kokosing, Inc., one of the largest family-owned construction companies in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic. We serve residential and commercial clients in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and beyond. We are a fully insured and licensed Electrical Contractor with highly trained NABCEP certified installers committed to delivering safe high-performance systems with top-notch customer service.

About Solid Ground School

Solid Ground School is a place-based, progressive learning community where children, families, and educators can grow deep. We believe that when individuals are actively engaged in their learning, supported in critical thinking and community building, and rooted in the natural world, they flourish and become conscientious, creative problem solvers able to face the challenges of an uncertain future. Solid Ground School is 501c3 non-profit elementary school program that empowers children and families to be the creators of their own education.

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