Why We’re Partnering with Women for Recovery

We’re partnering with Women for Recovery this holiday season to use our business as a force for good – a central goal in our business- while supporting their mission to provide stable, safe, reliable housing to those in recovery.

We chose Women for Recovery to support their honorable work. Third Sun Solar believes that everyone has the right to a healthy environment and a brighter future.

The need is great

In 2016 a group of local stakeholders convened to address the need for recovery housing for women with substance abuse issues in Athens County. They affirmed that the need is critical. A call to action ensued. Stakeholders working on the project are comprised of local woman with experience in the recovery community and are personally familiar with individuals in recovery.

The project is budding

Women for Recovery became a 501c3 nonprofit organization in March 2017 and closed in July on their primary location: Serenity Grove. Located just outside the city of Athens and nestled among stately oak, hickory and chestnut trees, the house can accommodate up to eight women in a safe, secure, and sober environment. At Serenity Grove, women dedicated to the eventual goal of transitioning back into independent living will hone the skills necessary to live free of drugs and alcohol.

Feel Good about your power

We come to solar with a lot of heart. So do our customers, advocates, solar champions and partners. A commitment to better communities, care for our neighbors, and the desire to make the world a better place for generations to come is why we choose solar every day.

We know that, for many people, solar means cost savings and modern solutions. Solar also allows us to power our lives with clean, healthy, renewable energy. We’re happy to pass along this gift to Serenity Grove. Through the efforts of hardworking individuals, their residential facility has been made a space of comfort and recovery – soon to be powered by the sun!

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