Do I need batteries if I go solar?

What Are Solar Batteries? 

Solar batteries store energy that is generated by your panels and keep it for when you need it. Do I need batteries if I go solar?  During a power outage or at night, your batteries feed energy into your home. Whether the batteries power just some small, light loads or your entire house depends on your goals and budget!  

There are two primary types of solar batteries: Lead-acid and lithium-ion. The most common type of battery used to be Lead-Acid. Though low energy density and cannot hold much energy, they are both cost effective and reliable. Today, Lithium-Ion batteries rule the market, due to their high energy density, light weight and high efficiency. With these batteries’ users are able to access more stored energy before a recharge.  

How do batteries work? 

For the solar batteries to work, you must have the right equipment.  

The first piece of equipment you’ll need for your battery is the battery bank itself.  Think of battery banks like the batteries that are in our phones and other electronics. The next piece is an inverter, the inverter acts as a distribution point, it can charge or drain your battery. It then converts the electricity to send to your electric panels. A backup subpanel isolates your backup system from the grid in case of a power outage. Next is a meter, a meter measures the energy you feed and pull from the grid, any extra energy that you don’t use, your meter runs it backward and when you pull from the grid, your meter runs forward, this is called net energy metering.  

The Pros of Solar Batteries 

By having batteries, you can save excess energy you produce. You’re producing so much energy, even more than you nee, instead of sending it back to the grid to power local homes, you store it. By obtaining a solar battery you’ll be able to store the extra energy instead of sending it back out to the grid. Solar batteries are great for emergencies, knowing that you’ll have the power you need when the grid goes down. With a solar battery you can store your power during the day, and it will be available at night, and if your battery bank is big enough, it will keep things running for the entire night.  


Do I need batteries when I go solar?  

The short answer is no, you don’t need batteries if you go solar but they are helpful and they do come with many benefits. Installing a solar battery comes with grid independence, energy security, and lower monthly electricity bills.  

What are solar batteries?  

Solar batteries store energy generated by your panels for use when you actually need it, for times like thunder storms and other natural disasters that result in power outages, or for days when your panels aren’t receiving enough sunlight for production, essentially making it to where your home is somewhat immune from a power outage.  

The benefits of using a solar battery  

Energy independence: Installing a solar battery means the less you have to rely on utility. A solar battery will help keep your lights on and phones charged during a power outage. Without a battery, your solar panels will stop producing electricity when the power goes out to prevent feedback to the grid—adding a battery to your system will enable your solar PV system to go into “islanding” mode and become it’s own grid while the power is down.    

Reduce your carbon footprint: When you install a solar battery, you can use all of the clean energy that your panels produce. Without a battery, the electricity your home uses in the evenings or during the shorter winter days will be pulled from the traditional energy grid.   

How do I know if solar is right for my home? 

If you live some place that is prone to natural disasters and power outages or have critical appliances in your home, a solar battery is a great idea. This will also help in maximizing how much renewable energy your home uses.  

Solar batteries aren’t for everyone, however, so it’s important to understand if your goals align with this investment, as they are just that, an investment! 


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