How can I offset more of my power with solar?

The percentage of annual utility offset you can achieve with solar is driven by several factors, starting with how much energy your house uses. The size of the solar panel system, the type of panels used, and the orientation and shading of solar panels determine the clean energy output that is possible.

In some case, when a customer wanted to produce more power than their rooftop size would allow, we have built a combination system using rooftop and ground-mounted solar panels. We have also used solar panels to build awnings and other shade structures.

Alternatively, we recommend using SunPower modules to maximize your clean energy output. SunPower panels are unparalleled in terms of energy production. They have the highest output per square foot and deliver more energy per kW, year over year, than other modules. However, that extra efficiency costs more to achieve. So, if your primary consideration is maximum performance, then you should go with SunPower. If your primary constraint is cost, then we recommend one of our other brands of modules.

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