Solar energy production estimates: ours and theirs

Solar is a new, emerging industry. To date, there are no industry standards for how to predict the energy output of a completed solar system in the real world. Each solar sales person can use his own assumptions in making this prediction. Some are intentionally optimistic, some are naïve and don’t have enough experience to make realistic predictions. As a company, our approach is to be intentionally conservative in making performance predictions. We live by our reputation and we want you to be very satisfied with your solar system. We’d rather lose the sale than make an overly-optimistic prediction and have you end up disappointed in a couple of years. Our company mantra is, under-promise and over-deliver. We feel it’s the best way to be as a company. And it is one of the reasons why we are a B Corp.

We build great solar electric systems. We under-promise and over-deliver. And we sleep very well at night.

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