How much solar system cost is in the panels?

We have a computerized pricing system that generates the total price for your solar project, based on the size of the system and your project specifics.

In general, the cost breakdown for a solar electric system is about 55-60% for the equipment itself (including panels, inverter, wire, conduit, switchgear, etc.); about 10-15% for overall project management, design, paperwork, permits and fees; and about 25-35% for the installation costs.

We can deliver excellent pricing on our projects thanks to two advantages: First, we pool our buying power with a national group of solar installers in a member-owned purchasing co-op to get advantageous pricing on the very best equipment (we will not compromise on quality where our reputation is at stake). Second, we are crazy about efficiency, and have been working for 14 years on how to deliver the very best-performing and longest-lasting solar installations with the least waste possible, thereby turning our customers into raving fans. It is a formula that works.

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