Do I Need Solar Batteries When I Go Solar?

Solar Batteries are a hot topic! More often than not, when people go solar, they assume that they’ll need solar storage too. In reality, this isn’t the case. In fact, many homeowners decide to go solar without adding battery backup.

So, why may someone choose to install solar batteries? And why might their neighbor decide not to?

We’ve broken down the considerations below to help you make the brightest choice for yourself and your family.


Goals are one of the first steppingstones our solar customers encounter on their solar journey.

It’s essential to understand your goals early on so your solar installer can design the solar installation project of your dreams. And to meet all your needs.

Here are a few of the most common goals our customers may have:

  • Save money on your electric bill
  • Choose a greener, cleaner, renewable energy source to power your home
  • Have control over future utility rate escalation at your home
  • Stop “renting” power from the utility and “own” your power
  • Ensure you have power in the case of grid failure
  • Ensure you have power for critical appliances (medical, refrigeration)

Did any of the above goals resonate with you?

Solar In A Blackout

Here’s something important to understand: Your Solar PV will not operate during a power outage without a battery. We know this comes as a surprise to many. The feature ensures that electricity doesn’t leak onto power lines as utility workers find the electricity disruption. Read more here.

In recent years, there has been a noticeable increase in power outages for several reasons. These include the prevention of wildfires and the increased frequency and intensity of storms.

So, if having power during an outage is one of your goals for going solar, you’re going to want to explore battery options with your solar consultant.

Cost of Solar and Solar Batteries

Batteries add substantially to the cost of a solar system.

For some of our customers, their goals align with solar storage, making the added cost worth it. Can you put a price on having power to necessary medical equipment in your home when you need it most?

And, for some of our customers whose primary focus is on solar system payback, return on investment, and do not experience frequent power outages – they opt for no solar storage with their solar system.

But, keep in mind – solar energy storage is an approved expense for the Federal Solar Investment Tax Credit!

Going Green

If you opt for a solar system without storage, any excess power generated from solar goes back into the grid and helps your neighbors reduce their carbon footprints.

You treat the grid-like a big battery, storing excess energy you produce and send off in the form of credits. At night or in the wintertime, you take power from the grid but pay for that use with the credits you received for sending your excess energy to your neighbors.

Adding battery backup does allow you the option to self-consume more of the solar energy you produce at your own home.

Which option sounds more environmentally friendly to you? Does one setup align more with your green energy goals than the other?

Take Your Power Back from the Utility with Solar Batteries

With a grid modernization coming, many of our customers have experienced increased electricity rates over the years. And they know those rates will continue to rise.

In addition to this, regulatory concerns can be a motivating factor for homeowners to explore solar energy storage options.

Many utilities have shifted away from tiered rate structures to time of use rate structures designed to encourage energy conservation during peak energy use times (5- 8 p.m.).

This rate structure hurts solar PV system owners.

The amount of credit you receive for the solar energy you produce becomes lower during the day when the solar PV system is producing the most. And, the cost of energy use jumps up in the evenings when their solar PV system isn’t producing much power.

Pairing solar energy storage with solar allows the homeowner to store the excess solar energy they generate during peach energy use times instead of paying expensive rates to the utility.

The Next Step In Your Discovery

To take a deeper dive into Solar Energy Storage Options, check out this video series which answers most of the battery questions we hear on the regular.

If you’re ready to speak to a professional and get some answers right from the source, we would be happy to set you up with a no-obligation free solar and storage evaluation for your home.

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