Tips & Tricks for Solar Champions

Here at Third Sun we are sincerely grateful for our customers. We’re grateful for your choice to go solar and your enthusiasm to spread the word with your friends and family. Even if you aren’t a customer, you can still be a Solar Champion.

Become a Solar Champion

Being a Solar Champion is a great way to spread the word about the environmental and financial benefits of choosing solar energy to power your home. What else? You will earn $500 with each referral that purchases solar through Third Sun.

Your friends and family save money too when they choose Third Sun Solar. With your referral, they will receive $250 off the price of their solar energy system.

If you think a friend or family member is ready to talk to us about solar, enter them into the referral page of our website!

How to talk to friends and family about installing solar

You know what convinced you to go solar. And you know your friends and family best. You are uniquely positioned to tell them why they should choose solar power. We recognize it can be a tricky conversation, but an important one to have, so we’ve included some tips & tricks below to help you!

And, even if you don’t have a solar system yourself, you’re still invited to be a leader in the clean energy movement. Our Solar Champions program is designed for our customers and the public alike. Through the program, we aspire to provoke dialogue and inspire leaders to get the message out about solar energy. No matter who you are.

Let your friend or family member know that we’ll be reaching out

If you fill out the Solar Champion Referral form, let your referral know that we will be contacting them soon and to be expecting a call. Don’t forget to follow up with them, too. What did they decide to do? What additional information can you provide, or questions can you answer for them?

A few ways you can ask if you can refer a friend or family member to Third Sun Solar:

“You’ve expressed interest in my solar energy system in the past, and I’m reaching out to see if I could put you in contact with my installer, Third Sun Solar. They will provide a free quote specific to your home with no obligation to purchase!

“I know we’ve talked in the past about you installing solar on your roof. If you want to learn more, I highly recommend my solar installer, Third Sun Solar. Would you like to put you in contact with them? Through their referral program, you will receive $250 off the cost of your system if you choose to make the purchase!”

“The 26% federal tax credit for solar drops at the end of 2022. This program will save you thousands on the upfront cost of your solar system, increasing your net gain in the long run.”

Share your love of the sun on social media!

An effective way to spread the word about solar: social media! Share photos for your home and your panels and let your followers, friends, and family know about your choice to power your home with green energy. It’s an easy way to start the conversation. (Don’t forget to tag us, we love to see what you’re sharing!) Tag Third Sun Solar, or use the hashtag: #PowerForLife

Ideas for what to share:

  • Share a photo – have your friends had a chance to see your solar system in person? If not, take a photo and share it with them!
  • Share some production data – we know the data is the most exciting part for many of our customers. Share what you track with friends to help them understand how your system works.
  • Share why going solar was important to you – is the clean energy transition important to you? Are you excited by the increase in home value? Share these details with your referrals, there may be benefits they haven’t imagined.
  • Share your story – what was the biggest obstacle for you? What did you wish you knew at the begging of your journey? What did you learn along the way?

Call our office today to learn more about the Solar Champion Referral program. 877-OWN-SOLAR. We can’t wait to hear from your friends and family!

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