Understanding Solar Energy for Kids

When families go solar, it’s natural for kids to want to learn more about solar energy too.

The complexities of solar energy can be pretty confusing. So we broke down some of the basics and main points about solar power.

Bring your family along for the ride. There is a lot to learn for both parents and kids alike.

What is Solar Energy?

The sun has produced energy since the beginning of time – for billions of years! The amount of sunlight you receive varies depending on: location, time of day, time of year, and weather conditions.

Solar energy is used by plants to eat, reproduce, grow and survive.

People have used solar energy for hundreds of years to cook food, keep warm, and to dry clothes.

Today we can use the sun’s energy to create electricity.

How Solar Panels Create Energy

Solar cells are the technology that turns sunlight into electricity.

Many solar cells create a solar panel, and when solar panels go onto a home, we call that a solar array.

Solar panels on a roof collect the sunlight that hits the roof and turns that sunlight into electricity. The electricity produced by solar panels on a home can power anything inside the house that uses electricity.

If you walk around your neighborhood, you’ll probably see a home or a business with solar panels. But have you ever seen a solar array on a home or business?

If a home or business has many solar panels on its roof, it means that they’re making a lot of electricity. Homes and businesses with a solar array generally produce 50 – 100% of their energy from the sun.

Why are we so jazzed about solar panels?

We’re excited that with solar cell technology, we’re able to turn sunlight into electricity.


Because the sun doesn’t run out! It’s a renewable energy source and is widely available for us to use.

Other ways we get energy – oil, natural gas, and coal –which you may know as “fossil fuels” take a long time to form. There is a limited amount of these types of energy. They are not renewable, and once we use them, they’re gone!

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The Future of Solar Energy

We know that the sun will be shining for billions of years. Now, with the help of solar technology, solar panels, and companies who install solar on homes – we can capture the sun’s energy and put it to use in our everyday lives!

If you’re interested in learning more about solar energy for your home or business – reach out today!

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