AltEnergyMag Publishes Results of Third Sun Solar Study

Comparison of Crystalline and Thin-Film Solar Technologies in Cincinnati

Athens, Ohio— Alternative Energy Magazine, a web-based news source featuring inside knowledge of the renewable energy industry, has published a new study performed by project developers at Third Sun Solar. The study explores the comparative strengths of two competing solar panel technologies—crystalline and thin-film solar cells—mounted on the same rooftop.

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Meet Tim Dunning

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Solar Meatloaf a Crowd Pleaser in DC

An Update on Purdue University’s Solar Decathlon Efforts

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AEP Rate Plan Hits Small Business


PUCO ready to vote on proposal that would hike some rates 30%

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Where Nature is the Star Attraction

Solar Set to Shine Brightly at Ohio Zoos

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Good Living, Solar Style: Residential Trends

This year, we have seen our business grow with increasing numbers of large commercial solar installations—and we are projecting that growth to continue, and accelerate, in 2012. But we have also seen a steady increase in residential solar. And in looking back over the past couple years, we see some clear trends emerging.
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Here’s to a bright, delightful holiday season— from all of us at Third Sun Solar.

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