Michelle Greenfield and Third Sun Solar make the Huffington Post

In an article examining small businesses wanting government to invest in clean energy, Michelle Greenfield and Third Sun Solar shine as successful examples of the growing green economy.

Across the United States, Main Street small businesses are working to rebuild our economy. These entrepreneurs are doing all they can to hire, grow and move their businesses forward. And they’re doing it largely through innovation — particularly in the clean energy arena.

Across all industries and at both ends of the political spectrum, entrepreneurs overwhelmingly support government investing in renewable energy and creating clean energy policies that will help guide them into a new economic sector….

Read the full story at the Huffington Post.

New AEP Program Buys SRECs

A new AEP program pays you for 15 years of renewable energy credits (RECs) in one lump sum, up front—as soon as your solar energy system is installed & certified.

A powerful incentive to go solar
Up to 50% of your system cost can be paid to you by AEP in exchange for 15 years of your SRECs (Solar Renewable Energy Certificates). That guarantees a good return for 15 years worth of your energy credits—paid up front—and brings the total cost of your system into affordable range.

SRECs are generated when you generate clean solar power. AEP is buying up solar customers’ SRECs, in part, to meet their own clean-energy mandates. But this is a limited time opportunity; once AEP’s SREC budget is spent, the program will end.

Use the energy of tomorrow, today
Clean solar power offers a wealth of advantages, not the least of which is—a cleaner planet for your kids’ kids and their kids. Leave them a profoundly positive legacy—a cleaner, smarter way to power their planet. Every step in the solar direction brings us closer to a cleaner world for everyone.

We’ll help make it happen
Third Sun Solar will design and install your solar energy system, help you register it, and guide you through the AEP paperwork to secure your RETP payment. We’ll make it easy for you. Give us a call today to get started!

Invest now in clean energy
No one knows for sure where fossil fuel prices are going… but the smart money says they’re going up. A clean solar energy system will provide power for 30+ years, and the fuel is free—it rises every morning.

Add clean solar now through Third Sun Solar and get this direct payment from AEP. We’ll help with all the details.

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