Introducing Solar For All, A New Podcast From Third Sun Solar

By Geoff Greenfield

I am very excited to announce the launch of a new podcast: “Solar for All”

This podcast will be available on the various pod streaming sites as well as through a new website:

In this new project, I speak with various guests about the intersection of race, class, diversity, inclusion, equity, and justice with the solar industry.

As the title of the podcast suggests, our mission is to achieve solar for all.

We envision a truly inclusive solar society that captures solar’s potential to impact climate change AND improve our social and economic systems. Systems, which we believe have been historically oppressive and exploitative.

Our vision is to build this podcast to serve as a platform that uplifts and amplifies a diverse group of contemporary stories and initiatives in the solar industry, increasing their impact and reach and (hopefully) accelerating their spread and influence. While the podcast is launching today, we have been building up a backlog of interviews with some amazing guests, and this experience has been powerful. During these conversations, I have been both inspired and challenged as I confront my own racism and biases and come to grips with my tremendous privilege.

Our guests

Some of my guests have been doing this work for decades, while others are just beginning this journey, being vulnerable and hopefully encouraging others in powerful positions to reconsider priorities and assumptions. The stories shared by our diverse guests all have value, and we are honored and humbled to bring them to what we hope will be a large audience. Our ultimate goal is not just to talk about these subjects but also to be agents of change and progress in the solar industry and beyond. The conversations we engage in will contain both criticism and inspiration. We intend to shine a bright light on the challenges and issues that are part of the daily lived experience of some while remaining hidden to others. We also will be calling out and celebrating the progress being made on many fronts, from rooftops to boardrooms. In all these conversations, we strive to be constructive and humble, curious rather than judgmental… as a friend of mine often reminds me, we are striving for progress, not perfection.

Join us!

While the noble goals of justice and truth are inherently worthwhile and stand on their own in a moral sense, these issues are a practical matter. We believe that for solar to rise to its greatest potential and have its fullest impact, it MUST become more inclusive and diverse quickly, leveraging the energy and contributions of the full spectrum of humanity. That is easier said than done, but that is what we are setting out to do, and we invite you to come along with us and become accomplices and co-conspirators. Tell us how we are doing and how we can be better. Reach out to be on the show or suggest someone that would add to the conversation. Share the show with your colleagues and network.

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Our Beliefs:

  • We believe the most effective way to tackle issues of systemic bias in our industry is to name them, talk about them, and take responsibility to change them
  • We believe that doing nothing to address inequality in the clean energy space supports inequality in the clean energy space. our work exists to dismantle that
  • We believe that it is not the job of the people being targeted by prejudice and discrimination to start the dialogue
  • We believe we must recognize that systemic inequity in our workspace
  • We believe that everyone deserves brave and safe spaces to be vulnerable about their experiences; therefore, we work to create safe spaces for individuals as we work to promote social justice

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