Harrison, Ohio Case Study

Project Overview

  • Lifetime Cost Savings: $56,600
  • System Type: Roof Mounted solar system 
  • Nameplate System Size:  13.2 kW
  • Annual Electricity Offset: 44% 
Over the next 30 years, this 13.2 kW solar array is expected to offset the homeowners annual energy by 44 percent. Over the next 30 years this system will have saved the co2 equivalent of: 363 tons of coal, driving a card 891527 miles, 429 acres of forest

Novelty, Ohio Case Study

Project Overview

  • Lifetime Cost Savings: $95,396
  • System Type: Ground Mounted solar system 
  • Nameplate System Size:  23.6 kW
  • Annual Electricity Offset: 102% 
Over the next 30 years, this 23.6 kW solar array is expected to offset the homeowners annual energy by 102 percent and offset an annual equivalent of 51,365 pounds of CO2. In greenhouse gas emissions, this is equivalent to removing 5 cars from the road, or 597 trees planted. 

Cincinnati, Ohio Case Study

Project Overview

  • System Type: Roof Mounted solar system and Tesla Powerwall Solar Storage 
  • Nameplate System Size:  6.7 kW
  • Annual Electricity Offset: 101% 
Over the next 30 years, this 6.7 kW solar array, paired with battery storage is expected to offset the homeowners annual energy by 101 percent. The Tesla Powerwall will ensure the family has power when the grid goes down and also allows them to consume more of the solar energy they produce, when their panels aren’t producing power at night. In greenhouse gas emissions, the systems savings is equivalent to saving 161 tons of coal, or driving a car 394,052 miles. 

Chagrin Falls, Ohio Case Study

Project Overview

  • Lifetime Cost Savings: $26,588
  • System Type: Roof Mounted solar system 
  • Nameplate System Size: 9.6 kW
  • Annual Electricity Offset: 85%
Over the next 30 years, this 9.6 kW solar array is expected to offset the homeowners annual energy by 85 percent and offset an annual equivalent of 18,727 pounds of CO2. In greenhouse gas emissions, this is equivalent to removing 2 cars from the road, or 218 trees planted.

Mentor, Ohio Case Study

Project Overview

  • Lifetime Cost Savings: $42,755
  • System Type: Roof Mounted solar system 
  • Nameplate System Size: 8.4 kW
  • Annual Electricity Offset: 76%
Over the next 30 years, this 8.4 kW solar array is expected to offset the homeowners annual energy by 76 percent and offset an annual equivalent of 18,248 pounds of CO2. In greenhouse gas emissions, this is equivalent to removing 2 cars from the road, or 212 trees planted.

Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio Case Study

Project Overview

  • Lifetime Cost Savings: $45,755
  • System Type: Roof Mounted solar system 
  • Nameplate System Size: 9.3 kW
  • Annual Electricity Offset: 51%
Over the next 30 years, this 9.3 kW solar array is expected to offset the homeowners annual energy by 51 percent and offset an annual equivalent of 21,343 pounds of CO2. In greenhouse gas emissions, this is equivalent to removing 2 cars from the road, or 248 trees planted. 

Certified B Corporation

As part of B Corp Month this March, we’re pulling back the curtain and inviting you in to see what goes on inside a Certified Benefit Corporation  


What is a Certified Benefit Corporation?   

A good plan goes a long way. That’s why at Third Sun Solar we bake transparency and accountability into our business model. Being a B Corp means our promise to be better for people, communities, and the planet is locked in, regardless of any future change of management or ownership. 

What goes on behind the scenes? 

Want a shortcut to doing some good? Looking for the B while you shop and buying from Certified Benefit Corporations means you can be sure you’re contributing to better business. 

Our customers know that every dollar they spend is a vote for the direction they want to see the world go. By voting every day on businesses operating with people and the planet at the forefront, our collective impact can make a big difference.   

Here is why 2 of our customers chose Third Sun Solar: 

“Of the other companies I have talked to, Third Sun Solar seems to be the only one who has more of a broader environmental mission as opposed to just making money. I think you will find that that mission is what will give you comfort in their ability to keep you happy with your install long after they leave the project. ”   

It is obvious that the employees are committed to the product and the mission of clean energy. We’ve had our panels for several months, and everything is functioning well. Most importantly, thanks to our experience, many of our friends have seen that getting solar panels is attainable and are looking into it for themselves.” 


Being a B Corp means not only caring for the planet but putting it first in our processes and decisions. Because we know business can make a big difference. It’s why we make sure that:  

  • We implement recommendations from a zero-waste assessment done for our business. That looks like: reusing package materials, composting in our office kitchen, upcycling or recycling all possible items, and eliminating disposable products   
  • We produce nearly 100% of our electricity at our office from solar  
  • Our solar power systems on homes and buildings eliminate greenhouse gases in a state which is powered primarily by fossil fuels   
  • We purchase carbon offsets for our vehicle fleet, currently 108 mT a year 



Our communities make us who we are. That’s why we’re committed to giving back whenever we can. 

To date, Third Sun Solar has donated 5 solar systems to non-profits across Ohio, with 3 more in the works. 

We also make annual donations to non-profits selected by our team.  



Our workers take care of our business, so we take care of our workers. Here are just a few examples of how we prioritize employee well-being at Third Sun Solar: 

  • We hire and review our team based on their commitment to the B Corp values, our mission, and our values
  • We believe that an involved and empowered team leads to better results, so we offer transparency on our operations, financials, and metrics with the entire company
  • Team members are paid above a living wage
  • We share profits on an annual basis
  • We believe that pay scale is an important part of economic equity. Our 2020 pay ratio was 4.6: 1 compared to the national average of 144: 1 and the average among B-Corps of  7:1

Our customers and community care because we treat our employees well- it’s just that simple.   

Employees stay with us longer as a result. They represent our values and build a collective understanding of how to best serve customers. From the sales process through the project management process all the way through to installation and commissioning – our collective experience helps us better serve our customers.   

If you look at our reviews, notice how many of them mention our team members. Many even by name. Not to brag, but our team is excellent. They make a lasting impression on our customers and the communities they serve.   

An Inclusive Economy 

B Corps are businesses working to build stronger communities, more inclusive and equitable companies, and a healthier planet.   

Third Sun Solar is part of Amicus, a member-owned cooperative made up of many independently owned solar companies. This summer, to racial equity, Amicus launched a JEDI group (Justice, Equity, Diversity, Inclusivity) to tackle inclusivity at our various solar companies.   

Third Sun Solar’s Chief Operating Officer, Roberta, leads the HR sub-group of the JEDI group.   

When asked about the work that the HR policy team is doing, Roberta says, “In the HR policy team, we are doing things like reviewing language and policies to create an inclusive and welcoming environment to retain and attract team members. We have a lot of good discussions and look at policies, job descriptions, handbook language, position postings, and all things HR with a focus on justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.”    

In 2021 we launched the Solar for All podcast. This podcast uses interviews to amplify how our industry can be better at addressing historically oppressive social and economic systems. 

Our B Corp History and Story  

When we work together, we have the power to create something better. That’s why we believe in collaboration over competition.   

As a B Corp, we love to work and collaborate with other B Corps. We’re better together!  

At the time we were certified, we also had just begun discussions with some of our peer solar companies in other parts of the country about banding together in some way (the birth of Amicus) and several of those companies that we really respected were B Corps (Southern Energy Management, Namaste Solar, Sun Light and Power, Technicians for Sustainability 

When we were first certified in 2012, we were one of only 3 companies in Ohio. Now there are 14. So,  B Corps are still pretty sparse in this state. We are happy to talk to any business that is interested in our experience or getting certified themselves.    


Women’s History Month and B Corp  

And like most years, B Corp month coincides with Women’s History Month.  

In celebration this year, we would like to highlight co-founder, owner, leader, and mentor Michelle Greenfield. Like many consciously minded leaders, Michelle led the charge at Third Sun Solar to make the business a Certified Benefit Corporation.

Why is important to her?   

Michelle says: “My mission in business has been not only to do our business (solar) but to show that all businesses are not evil, profit-hungry at all costs. When I was in college, oh so long ago in the 80s, this was a novel idea, and there were a few stand-out businesses that I identified that were doing their business and striving to do no harm. I have always held out that model as how I wanted to work.”  

Green Power from Utility or Solar Installation?

Should I buy Green Power from my utility or look into rooftop solar?

Purchasing green power from your utility company is a good option for individuals looking for ways to power their lives with renewable energy.
If you’re considering purchasing a green power plan – you may be looking into the pros and cons of a solar installation, too.
People often start looking into rooftop solar solutions for two reasons: environmental & cost-savings.
While purchasing green power from your energy supplier can help you meet one of those goals… it can’t help you with both.
Keep reading to understand the benefits of both options. If your goals include cost reduction over time, we’ll spell out why rooftop solar is a better fit for you.

What is a Green Power plan?

Often electric utilities will offer you the option to pay for a green power plan. Through this plan, you’ll buy electricity from renewable energy sources. These sources include wind power, solar power, hydropower, or some combination of all.
The cost of this plan comes at a premium. But, it ensures that your electric supply comes from renewable energy sources.


Cost savings is the biggest difference between green power and rooftop solar. 
Purchasing a green energy plan from your electricity supplier does get you clean power. But doesn’t protect you from cost inflation over time.
With a green power plan, like all other ratepayers, you’ll continue to see the cost of your electricity bill escalate. And, over time, you won’t gain any ownership over your power.
One of solar’s most significant benefits is protection from that inflation. 
You pay a flat rate and “own” your power with solar. After a period of time, the solar system will have paid for itself (think: avoided electricity costs). You own the power plant making energy for your home from that moment forward.
You produce electricity through solar that you own rather than “renting” and paying a supplier for it month after month.

When Green Power is the right choice

Green power purchasing is an ideal option if your site isn’t suitable for solar. What types of homes aren’t a good fit for a solar array?
Maybe you rent your home. Perhaps your home is in the woods surrounded by big shading trees. Even if you don’t live in the woods, you may have big trees that surround your home and shade your roof and no available yard space for a ground-mounted solar system. Or, your roof has lots of dormers and little unobstructed roof space.
These are all reasons why solar might not be the best fit for you right now. And, if you’re still interested in reducing your carbon footprint… purchasing a green power plan is a great fit!

Green Power plans plus rooftop solar 

Some of our solar customers buy green power through their utility. For them, buying a green power plan ensures that when the solar system isn’t generating enough electricity to meet all their energy needs, they can still power their homes with clean energy. It’s a win-win.
Overall, green power plans are an excellent way for anyone to get involved in the clean energy movement.
And, if cost savings is on your goal list, start looking into solar! Fill out the form below for a free consultation and price quote for a solar energy system.

Third Sun Solar Donates Solar Array to Chauncey-Dover Community Park and Trailhead

CHAUNCEY, OHIO, March 1, 2022 – The Chauncey-Dover Community Park and Baileys Trail System trailhead is now featuring a new solar array donated and installed by Third Sun Solar. The solar is located on the roof of the new restroom facility and will reduce the Village of Chauncey’s utility costs for several decades to come. A production meter will be installed showcasing to visitors the amount of clean energy being produced from the system in real time.

CEO and co-founder, Geoff Greenfield says: “As a company committed to the flourishing of our community, we are proud to support this groundbreaking trail project. We believe that partnering with the Baileys Trail System in this way will not just reduce the overhead costs for the Village of Chauncey but will help the Baileys Trail System advance their mission of bringing sustainable economic development to the Southeast Ohio Region,” said Greenfield.

In addition to the donated array, Third Sun Solar is committing a $250 donation to the Baileys Trail System and Village of Chauncey when visitors go solar through the park and trailhead referral program located on the Baileys Trail System website.

“The Outdoor Recreation Council of Appalachia (ORCA) and the Village of Chauncey are grateful to Third Sun Solar for this opportunity to implement clean energy efforts into our park and trailhead,” Village of Chauncey Mayor and ORCA Board Vice Chair Amy Renner said. “We see this as the first of many sustainability measures to give back to the land that has given so much to our community over its lifetime.”

The Baileys Trail System is managed by the Outdoor Recreation Council of Appalachia in partnership with the Wayne National Forest.

Third Sun Solar is Ohio’s leading full service solar installation company, providing top quality design and installation since 2000. We serve residential and commercial clients in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and beyond. Third Sun Solar is a woman owned business dedicated to using business as a force for good in the world. Our mission driven business is a certified B-Corp, existing not just for profit, but for people and the planet as well.


Media Contacts

Geoff Greenfield, CEO and co-founder of Third Sun Solar

740-249-4533, [email protected]

Amy Renner, Mayor of the Village of Chauncey

937-527-7018, [email protected]

Jessie Powers, Executive Director of the Outdoor Recreation Council of Appalachia

740-517-4543, [email protected]

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