Sarbaugh Poultry

Project Overview

System Size: 131.16 kW

Completed: 2017

This 131.1 kW solar system offsets the poultry’s operation by 79%. With a payback period of 6 years, the 25-year electric bill savings was estimated at $591,718. With the greatest energy expenditure in the summer months, when solar is at its peak production, this farm operation saw the huge value solar could bring to their operations. The money saved will be put to good use in funding future farm projects for Sarbaugh Poultry.

Kibler Dairy

Project Overview

System Size: 163.2 kW

Completed: 2017

Adding solar helps to stabilize a farms operating costs, which is valuable to farmers and agricultural producers in general. Kibbler Dairy Farms found that they had to constantly run fans during the summertime to keep brutally hot temperatures at bay. This electric expenditure led to very high electric bills. To reduce and stabilize the expense, the farm turned to solar.

In 2017 Third Sun Solar installed 480 solar panels at Kibler Dairy Farm in Warren, OH. The system provides monthly savings in the thousands to the farm. The first year alone saw over $23,000 in avoided electrical payments. The farm was excited to save that money to reinvest in the operations. In turn, the project will offset approximately 120 tons of carbon dioxide emissions per year.

Family farms see their future in going green. Dairy farms are prime candidates to bring more renewable energy to our heartland.

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