Does Solar Increase My Home Value?


Solar Increases Home Value, Key points:

  • Solar panels can increase your home’s value and lower your electricity bill
  • Zillow found in 2019 that solar panels add 4.1% on average to a home’s resale value
  • When we interview solar homeowners, we find that investing in resale value was a key consideration when they chose to go solar


Zillow + Solar Findings

In 2019 Zillow published a report stating that homes with solar energy systems sold for 4.1% more than comparable homes without a solar system during that year.

The percentage varies when you focus on different cities across the U.S., but on average, in the United States, homes with solar sold for 4.1% more than comparable homes without solar. According to Zillow, this means solar increases home value by $9,274 for the median-valued home in the U.S.

Why? Homes with solar energy systems can provide sizeable future energy cost savings. As energy prices go up and energy consumption increases in a home (a growing family is one example), buyers understand the value. They are willing to spend a little more money upfront.

Personal preferences play a role too. Homebuyers are increasingly energy conscious – for environmental and financial reasons alike.

People go solar with resale value in mind

When we interview our customers, we find that investing in resale value was a key factor when they chose to go solar.

Some of our customers are not sure that they will be in their home for the 30+ lifespan of the solar energy system. Therefore, they need to consider the benefit of the investment translated into home value.

Changing mindsets of solar power homeowners

In recent years the motivations for going solar among homeowners has widened quite a bit.

Those seeking energy savings and control are now right up there with the environmentally motivated.

As our current utility infrastructure ages, it becomes more and more expensive to maintain. Those costs are passed along to ratepayers. Over time, these rates have proven to be costly and unpredictable.

Control is another significant aspect of choosing your energy supply. Knowing how much you’re going to pay every month is increasingly essential. If you’re on a budget or fixed income, this predictability is critical.

Buyers know that stands out. The increasing awareness of the value of solar energy works in favor of the seller. Solar energy systems help a home stand out in a crowded market. If your home can save the buyers $200 per month in electricity bills – that’s $2,400 in the first year alone. That’s not something the majority of sellers can offer.

We work with our client’s buyers all the time

When a home is solar with a Kokosing Solar energy system, we work with the new homeowner to switch accounts and complete all necessary permitting and paperwork. It’s part of our white glove customer service.

If you’re considering solar and contemplating a future move, we recommend you do it. Between taking advantage of decreasing incentives, immediate energy savings, lowering your carbon footprint, and increasing the value of your home, there has never been a better time.

Will your solar-powered home help you stand out to the homebuyers of the future? We think it will.

Now that you understand how solar increases a home’s value, Sign up for a Free Solar Evaluation for your home today!

Third Sun Solar Installs Ground-Mounted Solar Array at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium

In the fall of 2020, Third Sun Solar installed a ground-mounted solar array as part of a larger microgrid installation at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium.

From the beginning, Third Sun Solar worked closely with Worley and Claypool Electric to design and present a microgrid solution to the Columbus Zoo and American Electric Power (AEP). After many meetings and presentations, the group was a finalist and ultimately awarded this project through a competitive selection process.

A microgrid is a grouping of electrical loads that are normally connected to one grid but can also disconnect to an “island mode” where it functions independently. When on “island mode,” the microgrid at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium will be powered by solar and battery systems.

The 134.4 kW ground-mounted solar array, designed and installed by Third Sun Solar, provides power to the microgrid system. Worley contracted Third Sun Solar to construct and design the solar portion of the array. Worley designed and engineered the battery energy storage system, and Third Sun Solar partnered with Claypool Electric to build and install the entire system.
The ground-mounted solar array powers an extensive battery system behind the meter of the Polar Frontier complex. The energy from the solar panels is used in the batteries and helps to power a portion of the polar bear exhibit, and the entire system works like a backup generator, providing renewable energy when needed.

A Groundbreaking Project

AEP Ohio is a subsidiary of AEP and commissioned the microgrid project. The microgrid at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium is the first of its kind for the company. The microgrid is a “demonstration” system that will allow AEP Ohio to monitor the applications and functions of a microgrid at this scale.

AEP Ohio will learn how independent, customer-sited, behind-the-meter microgrids can help the customer and the utility grid alike. In addition to AEP Ohio, utilities across the country will be eager to understand the value the microgrid provides.

Third Sun Solar is proud to be a partner in this innovative project, in collaboration with Claypool Electric, Worley, and AEP Ohio.

More about Third Sun Solar

Third Sun Solar is Ohio’s leading full-service solar installation company, providing top-quality design and installation since 2000, serving residential and commercial clients in Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus, and beyond.

More about Worley

WorleyParsons Limited, branded as Worley after completing Jacobs’ Energy, Chemicals & Resources division, is an engineering company that provides project delivery and consulting services to the resources and energy sectors and complex process industries.

More about Claypool Electric

Claypool Electric, Inc. is the preferred provider of electrical and communications infrastructure projects in Central Ohio. Family-owned since 1954, they have maintained a reputation for excellence in the craft and integrity in dealings.

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