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Our solar company has been working in Columbus Ohio for a long time. Many of our employees and customers live and work in Columbus, Ohio. Our capital state is home to Ohio State University and has a diverse economy – from the government to education, insurance, banking, and healthcare. The greater Columbus area is vast and sprawling and, in recent years, has been listed among the fastest-growing cities in the United States.

As we work in Ohio, we are excited to see more Columbus neighbors reach out, interested to begin their solar journey.

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Where we Work in the Columbus Area

We work across the greater Columbus region- extending well beyond Columbus too. Here are just a few areas where we offer our full turnkey solar installation service experience:

  • Clintonville
  • Franklinton  
  • Downtown  
  • Near East Side  
  • Short North  
  • Upper Arlington  
  • German Village  
  • Hilliard   
  • Gahanna  
  • Bexley  
  • Grove City  
  • New Albany  
  • Dublin  
  • Pickerington  
  • Powell  
  • Blacklick   
  • Canal Winchester  
  • Reynoldsburg 

Working with your Utility in Columbus Ohio  

Most homes in Ohio are services by American Electric Power (AEP). AEP, like all other investor-owned utilities in the state of Ohio, is required to offer their customers net metering.     

What is net-metering?   

Net-metering allows you to store the energy you produce in the electric grid in the form of credits.   

When you produce more energy than you need, excess electricity travels back into the power grid. Energy sent back into the grid goes to power your neighbors’ homes. These credits appear on your monthly electric bill to help you keep track.    

During sunny summer months, when your solar system produces more than the energy you are using, you bank up credits. Your home uses more power than your solar system makes during the winter months, and you use up the credits you’ve earned.       

There are other rules that AEP is required to follow, being that they are an investor-owned utility. Your Columbus-based solar consultant works with homeowners in your area every day and will be able to answer any questions you have that may be specific to your location in Columbus.   


Solar Power Incentives and Tax Credits, Columbus Ohio  

Unfortunately, the city of Columbus, Ohio, or any city in Ohio for that matter, has specific solar incentives available to their residents.   

But, anyone who qualifies can take advantage of the 26% Investment Tax Credit.   

Otherwise known as the solar investment tax credit, federal investment tax credit, or ITC for short, this tax credit gives the solar system owner the ability to deduct 26% of the system cost from taxes owed.    

Get up to speed on the solar investment tax credit here.  


Choosing a Solar Company in Columbus Ohio   

Our top questions list for any of our customers looking to hire a full turnkey solar installer:  

  • How long have they been in business?   
  • How many projects have they done?   
  • Do they provide references? When you call those references, what do they say?   
  • Does your installer have a fully trained & licensed electrician on staff?    
  • Do their customers tend to stick with them?   
  • Does the installer have NABCEP certificate holders on staff?   
  • Are they BBB certified?   
  • How long is the workmanship warranty?     
  • Will they tell you if solar will not work well for you (due to roof condition, shading, or other factors)?  


Are you interested in a pre-prepared solar quote checklist? Download one here.   


Top Solar Company in Columbus Ohio

Solar power in Ohio has been dramatically changing and increasing in the past few years.

Third Sun Solar is Ohio’s longest-standing solar installer. We’ve been pleasing customers since 2000.

With over 1,250 projects completed in those years, we have plenty of references, reviews, and testimonials available. Third Sun always has licensed electricians and NABCEP certified professionals on staff.

Third Sun works closely with homeowners to explore all options to go solar at their homes. For some homes, solar simply doesn’t make sense… Third Sun tells homeowners when this is the case.

We love working collaboratively and in consultation with our neighbors in Ohio to help them make the best decision for their clean energy future.

Are you interested in getting a quote for your Columbus, Ohio, area home from Third Sun Solar?

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